Self Publishing Checklist

Free step by step guide on how to self publish a book and get sales


Plan Your Self-Publishing Career

If you’re just getting started on your self-publishing career, it’s more important that you focus on the logistics of running a self-publishing business rather than the tactics of mastering your writing craft. Laying a solid foundation at this stage will help you figure out where to focus your most precious resource: time.

Perform Market Research

Market research is the most important thing an author can do before they put pen to paper, because it lets you find a pre-existing audience who is hungry for the books that you will be writing. For this section, we are assuming you are publishing to Amazon because they don’t use BISAC for their categories - and they are by far the largest marketplace.

Create Author Assets

Author assets are what you will be using to create a unified author brand. It’s important that you have all these assets ready to go before publishing. The good thing is, most of these author assets will only need to be produced once.

Produce the Book

Before going any further, you’ll actually need to write your book if you haven’t already. Here are some resources to help you produce your books on a timely schedule and within budget.

Prepare Book Content

Once you’ve written your book, you’re not quite ready to launch just yet. You’ll want to take the time and effort to make your book look as professional as possible. As the self-publishing industry continues to mature each year, any books that look amateurish will have a hard time convincing readers to buy. Preparing your book content for launch is a very important part of the process and you don’t want to miss a single step here.

Publish the Book

Launching your book can be the most nerve-wracking part of the entire self-publishing experience. Publishing the book through vendors like Amazon KDP and Apple Books is actually fairly simple. However, a successful launch is more than just getting your book to go live. Below, you’ll learn some of the most basic steps required in successfully launching your book.

Post-Launch: Provide Support, Engage Readers, Manage Promotions

Providing the right kind of support to your new book immediately after launch is crucial to your brand. Maintaining a promotional strategy after launch will help you leverage your current books to more easily launch future books in the genre.

It’s important to note that first time authors rarely make a profit (or even break even) on their book launch. The goal is to aggressively grow a fan list to get more book sales at lower costs for future books.